Shauna Caldwell is an artist from Boone, NC. She received BFAs in Studio Art and Art Education and is currently pursuing a MA in Appalachian Studies at Appalachian State University. Her roots in Appalachia and relationship with the environment shape her creative work. She uses artistic processes that connect her to her home, such as making paper and photographic emulsions with local plants, to discuss themes of sacred relationships and transformation.  

"I am constantly inspired by the elements that influence our lives and make us feel on a level deeper than words can describe, like the fire we gather around or the many deep-seated connections we have with others. We are all connected by certain forces, and by accepting these relations we are given a greater understanding of one another, along with everything around us and how we work as a whole. This appreciation and my relationship with the Earth and all she embodies are constantly inspiring to me, not only as an artist but as a person in a seemingly constant state of metamorphosis. I want to ask people the same questions I ask myself when I explore in the mountains of my home and discover the many alluring wonders that drive me to endless contemplation. I invite you to look at my work, ask questions, and become inspired by the world around you."

~Shauna Caldwell

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